Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Are you OK with it?"

Management where I work has taken a strange turn, and my neighbor the Pirate asked me why. One of the new Directors came to him with a proposal for some project, they discussed it and afterwards the new Director asked the Pirate if it was okay and if he was okay with it. The Pirate struggled to keep a straight face as he said yes and as soon the new Director turned and walked away the Pirate gave me a glance across our shared cubicle wall and mouthed "WTF??"

This has become all too common. They say that you're promoted until the point where you are totally inept at your job and this place is the perfect example of that. There are a few bosses who are real bosses but the other members of Management are just monkeys in suits. They prance around pretending their in charge but the moment a decision is made they find themselves in the unique position of not having a clue what to do. Then they turn to the grunts and ask for their opinion, take it, add some extra sentence or direction that makes no sense whatsoever and say do it. Recently they haven't even had the courage to add an opinion at all, simply asking the grunt if it's okay.

The most frustrating part is that they get paid a significant amount of money more then I do because it's their job to make these decisions. By passing the buck back to me not only are you having me do your job but I'm not even getting anything from it - as soon as it's recognized by someone higher up you'll get the credit.